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  • Barracuda CMS / Portal

    At Barracuda, my team and I built a custom CMS to perform content changes, translations, setup our own tracking system, provide partners with the info which is only valid in their specific region, help sales team to create deal regs, quotes, events, registrations, and numerous other functionalities.

    I was both front and back-end developer for most of the web applications and tools I worked on.

  • On the first 2 screenshots, there is a Document Management System, which was built to allow our Project Marketing team to publish a whole bunch of documents, white papers, case studies, data sheets, and price lists, all translated into 7 languages. It also required versioning, archiving, and Partner view that is specific to a partner or partner’s location.

  • This screenshot illustrates a content management system extension which I built. It is used to create landing pages. It is using one template, with various variables that can be modified. It is a multilingual and uses API integrations with Salesforce and Pardot.

  • Showing off all my work on CMS and Portal would take a whole website. So I am going to keep it short.

    Besides the tools mentioned, I also built beta request tool and its CMS management tool, marketing material requests, media file management. In addition, I maintained and extended other web tools and services such as website purchasing functionality, portal coop tool.