Web & Mobile Dev / UI&UX / Photography / Video
Only high-quality work.

    Worked on the front and back-end development of Barracuda’s main website, as well as its other product websites such as

    Worked with a team of 5-6 other developers to unify code structure and coding procedures. We used JIRA, GIT and Barracuda’s own repository platform.

  • Our team was always on call in case any website issues, and since Barracuda became a public company it was imperative to keep all the pages up and running.

    My job was to maintain, add new features and functionalities such as chat, products, bundles, and applications, making sure it does not interfere with site’s speed and functionality. it was challenging due to legacy dependencies and its integrations with Salesforce and other services.

  • Being a network security company does not help with avoiding being targeted by hackers and spammers. We had numerous attacks on our servers, but we got really good at blocking them. Many came from Tor network, using all kind of random IPs, so it was challenging to prevent those.

  • During my time there, we performed several website re-designs, optimized it for mobile, optimized load time, setup a separate server for all media files and developed a CMS for it.

  • Even though the main website does not seem like a very complex creation, but it actually is a part of a large cluster of services, which include partner portal, overall content CMS, tracking, and international order submission system.