Web & Mobile Dev / UI&UX / Photography / Video
Only high-quality work.
  • Bradford Technologies

    Was in charge of 3 main corporate websites:, and

    With BradfordSoftware, I moved all marketing website content off an old IIS server to Apache, provisioned its setup, tuned it and was able to use PHP as intended: installing PHP libraries, commonly used CMS, and so on.

  • Developed a web application to ease Email Marketing processes and numerous campaigns. What I did was take a CMS, modify its templates and input editor to produce email HTML, since it is not your regular HTML 5, it’s much more ancient. Tested it to make sure it worked on major email clients. This system freed up enormous amount of my time since now others were able to take over.

  • Re-designed two main websites, and since before they were consisting of many, many html pages, I setup a DB and plugged in a CMS.

  • Created numerous advertising banners, large posters, infographic charts, flash animated banners.

    Integrated social media, Salesforce, and web analytics into the company's infrastructure.