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    EnglishUnlimited (EU) is a well-known among corporate clients English language center in Moscow, Russia. They were looking for the right company to re-design their website and make it more search engine friendly for a long time. They worked with a well-known Russian SEO firm which had strict requirements on website changes. They basically owned the website. And if for some reason there were downtimes, EU could pay a fine. So everything had to be nice and neat and go through that SEO firm first.

  • Nevertheless, they endorsed my layout changes since I left the content in tact, only HTML, JS and CSS tags changed. I used WordPress for it and self-made custom theme. Moved all the content from previous DB and html pages into WP. I could not use the same URL routes, so I setup redirects in htaccess.

    Rolling out changes live went through without a glitch, so SEO firm was happy. Now it was easier for them as well since before there was a table structure, which is bad for SEO. EU's website got on a first page in Yandex for the needed keywords, such as 'English language in Moscow.'