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    Worked on the front and back-end, implemented it into WordPress theme, manually setup subscriptions functionality.

    It may appear that building one-page websites is easier than a standard WordPress blog, but it is not always true. One-pager has a lot of nuances which aren’t that obvious. E.g. top menu bar has a current location highlighted, like on this website. It means you have to find a way to tell the page where you’re at and set the current section.

  • Since it’s not just ONE chunk of text, but rather a text broken into multiple pieces, it was a challenge, since WP offers only ONE content field. But it is WP, so I found two perfect plugins that did the trick: content blocks and built-in custom fields. It made it convenient since all fields are on ONE page when editing.

  • Another issue - contact form. I was asked to make multiple unique-looking forms that did the same thing - collect the SAME data. But good luck managing/maintaining them, even with a third-party tool that we integrated with. So I was able to convince the client to use only ONE form which would be called from multiple places on the page. That made development a bit more challenging, but the result was worth it: easy maintenance, easy translations, and better user experience, since now a user would not get lost among various forms wondering if this is the right one.