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    Worked on the front and back-end, implemented it into WordPress theme, manually setup subscriptions functionality.

    It may appear that building one-page websites is easier than a standard WordPress blog, but it is not true. One-pager has a lot of nuances which aren’t that obvious. E.g. top menu bar has a current location highlighted, like on this website. It means you have to find a way to tell the page where you’re at and set the current section.

  • Then since it’s not all one chuck of main text, but rather broken into many pieces of mosaic, how would you do it in WP with only 1 content field? I ended up using 2 plugins for content blocks and built-in custom fields, to make it easy and simple to edit on one page.

    Another issue - how to position the contact form. Straight forward, right? Not really. On many websites I went to, I will find 10 contact us links which open 5 different pop-up windows. So in the end, you’re wondering if you are filling out the right one. I made a decision to have only ONE main contact form. Every road leads to it.

  • But… When you click ‘contact us’ button in a pop-up on the right, you are scrolled to the contact form section on the bottom. However, if you are facing the form and you click the button obviously nothing is happening since you are already there. But UI-wise, it feels kind of weird, you click the button, but nothing is happening. Is it broken? So in order to correct it, I had to add a color change for the form and highlight it when pop-up button is clicked. Small details like this keep rising very often which would normally be avoided if there were separate pages.

  • WP is great in terms of having amazing plugins which work surprisingly well. But, when it comes to sending emails, even with all the back-end done right emails get lost. I tested each possible solution to make emails reach all 10 of my mailboxes, but it seemed like a lottery - emails were randomly being lost. My conclusion, use 3rd party service even for basic needs, especially if you host with GoDaddy. Unless you buy a service from them - the relay. Then I am sure it will work like the clock. I went with SendPulse. It has good starter plans, serious clients, it’s multilingual, and most importantly it delivers!!!, very fast too.

  • This website was made fairly quickly considering I had to come up with the design, make content stand out and easy to read, code it, build components, find the right plugins, test it all, fix bugs, make it social media and mobile friendly, minify scripts, run security checks. I strongly advise to never use a standard login path in any CMS e.g. ‘/wp-admin’. Hide it, change it! You’d be amazed how often people try to hack it. Server logs really show how creative some get. Also, I recommend using CloudFlare to protect your site further. On 3rd day, I already got my mock up approved. In total, it took about 2 weeks to build.