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  • Only high-quality work. Worked in the Silicon Valley since 2008

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Aye, I’m aka Nookeen (n00k33n) in online community and I run this shop. At Nookeen Media, I build web applications for clients, launch my own projects and apps, shoot cool stuff on photo and video, make things move, and overall having a good time. Welcome! Take a look around. If you have any projects in mind, looking for consulting assistance, you're a dev or a designer and would like to share experiences, let's connect and friend up.

Had the privilege of working with:

And guess what good things they said about me!

"Very independent, needs very little supervision and has tons of creative ideas to satisfy multiple clients/audiences within the company."

— Sylvia Kainz
Bradford Technologies, Inc.
"Worked with for over two years and find his experience, enthusiasm, and knowledge extremely valuable"

— Bob Harris
Sr. Software Developer
Bradford Technologies, Inc.
"Creative, punctual, easy to communicate with, and understands our needs, even when we don't do a great job of explaining them"

— Barbara Michelson-Harder
Executive Director
Off Broadway West


Offering full spectrum of services

Web & Mobile Application Development

Nookeen Media offers wide range of services to complete your web or mobile project. We focus on performance, Object Oriented coding, modulated structure, stylish and modern design. And that's not all...

User Interface / User Experience

Put it up, or put it away, that is the question. Often the most difficult, tedious, and complicated task when it comes to UI and UX. It’s gotta be measured, studied and followed up upon. Nookeen Media has the skills and armed with Google Analytics, we can totally win it.


Graphic Design and Animation

From website, mobile and email layouts to posters, banners, flyers, and business cards. Besides that, Nookeen Media also does 2D animation GIFs and animated ads for various types of media.

Software used to create our work: Photoshop, Illustrator, Premier and After Effects, Flash.

Graphic Design samples
Check out Flash ani below it

Still Photography

Merchandize pictures, landscape shots, basically any type of still photography to include into your applications and website.


Video Production and Editing

Nookeen Media does various projects that involve video production such as, video ads, music videos, post-production video editing, short ads for web.

Along with technical aspects of video production, projects often include brand development and re-branding consulting services, followed by script writing for the marketing videos targeted to support the new brand image.


Only high-quality work.

Here you will find some of my portfolio samples. My latest work is related to Barracuda Networks [NYSE: CUDA], a network security company, where I developed public, internal and partner-facing web tools and applications.

Web & App Development

Spent in Barracuda 3+ years working full-time. Got a ton of extremely valuable experience. Managed and other its marketing websites.

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Barracuda Internal CMS

Also, at Barracuda, managed development of Internal CMS tools.

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Barracuda Events

And again, at Barracuda, created a CMS for Event pages and integrated registrations.

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Bradford Technologies

Spent at Bradford 3+ years working full-time. Managed its marketing websites, built new infrastructure, and web tools for operations.

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English Unlimited

EU is well-known language school in Moscow, Russia. Worked on its complete website re-design.

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NP Vector

Helped build online presence, created brand image from scratch, online ads and printed materails.

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Graphic Design

Flash & Animation


Just a few words...

...about where I get my mojo

I started my webdev career by taking on projects as a freelancer, finding clients through the people I knew. Then the more I worked, the wider range of services were asked of me. So I had to master more and more techs which eventually lead me where I am today.

Skill Set

  • Adobe Ps / Ai / Id
  • UI / UX
  • HTML / CSS / LESS / Sass
  • JS / React
  • jQuery
  • PHP / MySQL / Smarty
  • CI / Laravel
  • CMS: WP / October
  • Webpack / npm / Git / JIRA
  • Email Templating
  • Salesforce / Pardot
  • Premier / After Effects
  • Video Production
  • Still Photography

- Check out my good ol' friend W3 Validator

In any work, be it a simple website, or a complex integrated web application, I always make sure to implement a solid scalable structure. I know, I know “scalable” is used so often nowadays, and to use it in relation to a WordPress blog may sound kind of ridiculous. 

A short case study, sort of...

However, think about it, today it’s a blog, but tomorrow it’s an multilingual online international store which would have to follow original layout and integrate with Salesforce (true story!). How would you separate all of that from Wordpress? That’s why from the very start, instead of choosing Wordpress as a main platform and allow it to "own the server," it was implemented rather as a separate section, a plugin if you will. The main core was built on a MVC CodeIgniter platform, then the store was integrated using Magento and its Salesforce plugin which cost only a few hundred dollars.

Q: Hey Nook, in your opinion, who is
the most influential printer
and publisher?
A: The FED.

If we were to start off with Wordpress from the start, as my client really wanted, it would have cost thousands!! of dollars more, since we would have to separate WP from the main website, somehow merge translations, merchandise databases, into Magento or some other platform, then QA it, which would probably have taken weeks... It was not a 5-page blog! Then copy design onto all the other platforms, make sure those platforms’ tags and variables are working with each other correctly, which means QA on all devices (WEEKS@#$!) and etc.

Nice and simple. Quick and sweet.
You just tell me what you need.
You will get it right on time,
Looking grand and most divine!

Gladly, we had it all cleanly build from the start, Wordpress lives happily on its own, has some parts of the store implemented, but it’s all managed by Magento and pulled to view with the help of one CodeIgniter controller. All the translation is made through CI as well, so it’s very clean, nothing extra, and well organized for the whole system to use. A little time was spent on translation and its CMS, but it was nothing compare to dealing with moving/merging all their stuff.

Choosing those who know stuff will get you on the right track

This story pretty much sums up the benefit of working with a person who can foresee where the things are going, and choose the proper way of building things from the start. Communication!!! is the key! Even though it took a great amount of convincing... That client of mine never heard of CI or Magento, and in her mind, going with the unknown was like asking her to travel to the Black Hole. Gladly, it was not a black hole, but rather a solid implementation.

But seriously, how did I get to know stuff...

My passion for webdev comes from my youth, back from the year of 1999. It all started with me getting hooked on Blizzard's Diablo and StarCraft PC games. I got so into multiplier gaming that I even created my own clan, a gaming community if you will, the Brotherhood of Babylon5 (B5 fan!). Due to a large following of the TV series, my project was acquiring new members really quickly. At one point, we took the 3rd place in a national ranking, compiled by a famous Russian gaming magazine. So like every decent gaming organization, we needed a website. Using Photoshop 3.x, HTML, CSS and Java Applets, I created my first website and published it on Angelfire and then Geocities. That's when I got obsessed with web design and web technologies. I was constantly improving my creation, learning new ways, ditching Java Applets for Flash, experimenting with Javascript, PHP, talking to other web designers, learning from them. So... Who said that video games and TV are useless? For me, they opened a door, which otherwise I might have never found. So viva Blizzard and Babylon 5! Where would I be without you...


Sorry, there is no contact form here

To be honest, I never had any luck with contact forms. Many companies have them, but they are all different and time-consuming. I prefer a simple "Hi, I have a question regarding my project" on Facebook or Skype since every project is unique, and it needs more than 4 fields to describe it. So let's friend up on the following platforms.

As I mentioned, if you're a dev or a designer and would like to stay in touch, add me up.

Contact Info

  • Skype: nookeen777
  • Email: