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'Master Harold'...and the boys

Client: Off Broadway West

I must admit, it was quite difficult to find a boy dressed into cloths that give off early XX century feeling. Especially, if you need this boy sitting on a white bench. I ended up compiling the image of a bench, with a boy, whom I also needed to adjust a bit. I edited his clothing and a leg... "Why a leg?"- you might ask.. Well, because on the picture that I used, his leg is covered with tall grass, and as you can see, there is no high vegitation around the bench... So I scooped through pictures looking for a part of a leg... I actually ended up using a young girl's leg, but it fit right it... after some hours of blending it in... It was a fun project. I worked on a poster, postcard and banner for an on-stage production produced by an award-winning theater company Off Broadway West in San Francisco. This production won SFBATCC award for Best Director - Richard Harder.